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The SPELIT Power Matrix: Untangling the Organizational Environment with the SPELIT Leadership Tool

Authors: Schmieder-Ramirez, J., & Mallette, L. 


The SPELIT POWER MATRIX is a leadership tool for untangling the organizational environment from a social, political, economic, legal, intercultural and technical view. The SPELIT analysis method was developed for adult learners to have a framework for determining and formulating the answer to the question: What is? There is a need to analyze the environment in all organizations, whether you are entering a new organization or to benchmark the existing organization. The purpose of this text is to show how perceptive leaders can analyze environments in preparation for possible future action. We demonstrate how the methodology aligns with previous theories regarding environmental scanning and produces a workable framework for the perceptive leader. The SPELIT POWER MATRIX is intended for practitioners doing a market analysis or diagnosis prior to implementing transitions, benchmarking in anticipation of an intervention, and can be used by undergraduate students and seasoned practitioners. 


Images of America: Rancho Mirage

Author: Mallette, L.


Rancho Mirage is a beautiful residential and desert-resort community nestled along the Santa Rosa Mountains, located between the cities of Palm Springs and Palm Desert in the Coachella Valley. Bighorn sheep and the Agua Caliente tribe of Cahuilla Indians were the area's early inhabitants. Date farms and ranchos developed after aquifers were discovered. Guest ranches soon followed and became favorite destinations for the rich and famous in the 1940s and 1950s. By the early 1950s, residential communities designed in classic Desert Modern style were being constructed along with the valley's first two country clubs with 18-hole golf courses. Rancho Mirage soon emerged as the "golf capital of the world" and has since grown to be a premier resort and residential community with a permanent population of 16,870 and several thousand additional winter residents who enjoy the city's 10 country clubs, three world-class resorts, and scores of restaurants. 

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Writing for Conferences: A Manual for Graduate Students and Faculty

Authors: Mallette, L. & Berger, C.


This book answers every question a doctoral graduate new to publishing could have about writing for a conference, from "Why would I want to publish at a conference?" to "What do I wear?" Conferences are often a researcher's first foray into publishing. Each year, about 50,000 new doctoral graduates arrive to the publishing landscape, most with little or no understanding of how the conference publication process works. Yet until now, there have been no publications devoted to this specific subject.

Writing for Conferences: A Handbook for Graduate Students and Faculty serves as an essential guide for graduate students who want to publish the results of the research projects of their graduate program to maximum effect. It explains the conference publication process step-by-step and answers all of the questions asked by students inexperienced in publishing. The book is also a valuable reference manual for previously published authors, providing insightful sections on ethics in publishing, dress and grooming, presentation tips, and networking techniques to develop further research and career opportunities.


Princess Avocado and Falling Rock; Book 1 of the Princess Avocado series

Author: Mallette, L., (Godbold, K., Illustrator)


A children's book (Ages 4 to 8) about Princess Avocado and her friend Falling Rock who want to be together. This short book follows the adventures of Avocado after Falling is lost in the Big River. 


Dissertation Fundamentals for the Social Sciences: For that time when you find yourself academically … alone (3rd Edition)

Author: Mallette, L.


Focusing on what you really need to know, Dissertation Fundamentals takes you through the dissertation process; step-by-step, with easy to read descriptions in each chapter. The author tells you what you need to know and how to avoid some of the pitfalls of your dissertation journey. After presenting steps of selecting a topic and methodology, Mallette guides the student around the pitfalls of selecting a chair and committee and then a page-by-page walkthrough of the five-chapter dissertation. Examples and stories from his more than 70 dissertation students are sprinkled through this practical and easily read book. 3rd Edition. Significant material has been added to Dissertation Fundamentals, including an APA/Writing appendix and a new chapter on the withdrawal and readmission process. 


The Rancho Mirage Matchbook Company: A quirky history book

Author: Mallette, L.


The Rancho Mirage Matchbook Company is a quirky history book based on matchbooks and matchboxes from Rancho Mirage, California. They are not quite obsolete but they are becoming a piece of history; slowly going the way of wind-up clocks, paper books, hand-written letters, and even person-to-person conversations (that are being replaced by cell phones, e-books, e-mail, and texting). The author located matchbooks from 120 businesses in the city of Rancho Mirage and provided a little history to create this quirky history of Rancho Mirage! The improved second edition of the Rancho Mirage Matchbook Company includes 34 previously unpublished matchbooks and updates to the existing matchbooks with new information and period advertisements. 


The Rancho Mirage Postcard Company (1st Edition)


Author: Leo A. Mallette


This is a quirky history book; quirky because it is based on postcards from Rancho Mirage, California. Postcards, like hand-written letters, are disappearing; but the author was able to locate scores of postcards from Rancho Mirage, from the 1940s to the present, and provide a little

visual history about the businesses, country clubs, casino, or individuals. The author continues to find previously unseen postcards when he scans through online selling sites (,,,, etc.). He originally thought there would be 30 or

40 postcards, but the list keeps growing. This edition has over 160 postcards from Rancho Mirage. He has purchased postcards from sellers in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovakia, United Kingdom, and the United States.


MY MOTHER'S QUILTS, A Biography, Genealogy and Quilt History of Dolorès (Carrière) Mallette

 Author: Mallette, L.


Thanks to Dolorès Carrière Mallette for making the 28 beautiful quilts in this book; otherwise, this book would not have been so much fun! Many more hours were spent making these quilts than the simple preparation of this book. I've always been struck by the beauty and the incredible amount of work that goes into making a quilt and have often felt as if my mother's quilts were part of my family. I was very reluctant to let my mother sell her quilts to strangers, but was quite proud when she would give them to members of the family. I had often wanted to write a short story of my mother's life, because I would never remember all the stories she had told me. I also decided that the second best way to enjoy my mother's quilts was to be able to look at them. The desire to write her biography, her genealogy and wanting to preserve her quilts in pictures resulted in this book.